Hoglet4 ready for semi-final 1 of Mongolia's Got Talent 2016

Hog4 for Lightlab and Mongolia

Sam MacLaren of Lightlab Creative Ltd recently specified a Barco/Flying Pig Systems Hoglet4 and extra super-widget for the second series of Mongolia’s Got Talent.
Hoglet4 ready for semi-final 1 of Mongolia's Got Talent 2016
Hoglet4 ready for semi-final 1 of Mongolia’s Got Talent 2016
The console is a no compromise front end for any computer running hog4pc software, offering all of the usual hog4 features and the powerful plot view and pixel mapping options. With limited control equipment available in Ulan Bator, Sam had MongolHD, the television channel making the program, supply a Dell all in one touch PC for the brains of the system, and took the hoglet4 with him from the UK.
Hoglet4 during setup for Mongolia’s Got Talent 2016

“It all just works these days” says Sam of the hog system, adding that he had no qualms at all that it could handle the job.

The hoglet4 adds to Lightlab’s equipment roster available direct or via equipment partner OutOfKontrol. Contact Sam for more details.
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